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Movie in Zombies

Genre List
TitleRelease DateAlternate Titles
28 Days Later 2002
28 Weeks Later 2007
The Alchemist 1981
Alien Dead 1979 It Fell from the Sky
Alien Massacre 1967 Dr. Terror's Gallery of Horrors Return from the Past The Blood Suckers Gallery of Horror
Almost Dead 1994
The Astro-Zombies 1967 The Space Vampires
The Beyond 1982 Seven Doors of Death E Tu Vivrai Nel Terrore--L'aldila
Beyond Re-Animator 2003
Biozombie 1998
Bowery at Midnight 1942
Bride of Re-Animator 1989 Re-Animator 2
C.H.U.D. 2: Bud the Chud 1989
Cabin Fever 2003
Carnival of Souls 1962
Cast a Deadly Spell 1991
Cemetery Man 1995 Dellamorte Delamore Of Death, of Love
Children of the Living Dead 2000
Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things 1972 Revenge of the Living Dead
The Chilling 1989 Gamma 693
Chopper Chicks in Zombietown 1991
City of the Walking Dead 1980 Nightmare City Nightmare Incubo Sulla Citta Contaminata
Creature of the Walking Dead 1960 La Marca del Muerto
The Curse of the Aztec Mummy 1959 La Maldicion de la Momia Azteca
Dawn of the Dead 1978 Zombi Zombie Zombies
Dawn of the Dead 2004
Dawn of the Mummy 1982
Day of the Dead 1985
Dead Alive 1993 Braindead
Dead Creatures 2001
The Dead Don't Die 1975
The Dead Hate the Living 1999
Dead Heat 1988
Dead Men Don't Die 1991
The Dead Next Door 1989
Dead Pit 1989
Death Becomes Her 1992
The Death Curse of Tartu 1966
Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill 2004
Deathdream 1972 Dead of Night Night Walk The Veteran The Night Andy Came Home
Demon Wind 1990
Destroyer 1988
Devil Kiss 1977
Ed and His Dead Mother 1993
Evil Town 1987
Fido 2006
George A. Romero's Land of the Dead 2005 Land of the Dead
The Ghost Brigade 1993 The Killing Box Grey Knight
The Ghoul 1975
The Granny 1994
Grindhouse 2007 Planet Terror Death Proof
The Hanging Woman 1972 Return of the Zombies Beyond the Living Dead La Orgia de los Muertos Dracula, the Terror of the Living Dead Orgy of the Dead House of Terror
Haunting Fear 1991
Hellgate 1989
Horror of the Zombies 1974 El Buque Maldito
Horror Rises from the Tomb 1972 El Espanto Surge de la Tumba
House of the Dead 1980
House of the Dead 2003
House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim 2005
The House of Seven Corpses 1973
I Eat Your Skin 1964 Voodoo Blood Bath Zombie Zombies
I Walked with a Zombie 1943
I Was a Teenage Zombie 1987
Infested: Invasion of the Killer Bugs 2002
Invisible Invaders 1959
Isle of the Dead 1945
The Jitters 1988
John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars 2001 Ghosts of Mars
King of the Zombies 1941
Kiss Daddy Goodbye 1981 Revenge of the Zombie The Vengeful Dead
The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires 1973 The Seven Brothers Meet Dracula Dracula and the Seven Golden Vampires
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie 1974 The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue
The Mad Ghoul 1943
Messiah of Evil 1974 Dead People Return of the Living Dead Revenge of the Screaming Dead The Second Coming
Mortuary 2005
The Mummy 1932
The Mummy 1959
The Mummy 1999
Mummy & Curse of the Jackal 1967
The Mummy's Revenge 1973 La Venganza de la Momia
My Boyfriend's Back 1993 Johnny Zombie
Neon Maniacs 1986
Night Life 1990
Night of the Comet 1984
Night of the Creeps 1986 Creeps Homecoming Night
Night of the Death Cult 1975 Night of the Seagulls
Night of the Ghouls 1959 Revenge of the Dead
Night of Horror 198?
Night of the Living Babes 1987
Night of the Living Dead 1968 Night of the Flesh Eaters Night of the Anubis
Night of the Living Dead 1990
Night of the Living Dead, 25th Anniversary Documentary 1993
Nightmare Weekend 1986
Oasis of the Zombies 1982 Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies Treasure of the Living Dead
Orgy of the Dead 1965
The Outing 1987 The Lamp
Pet Sematary 2 1992
Phantasm 3: Lord of the Dead 1994
Plague of the Zombies 1966
Plan 9 from Outer Space 1956 Grave Robbers from Outer Space
Prison 1988
Quatermass 2 1957 Enemy from Space
Re-Animator 1984
Redneck Zombies 1988
Resident Evil 2002
Resident Evil: Apocalypse 2004
Return of the Evil Dead 1975 Return of the Blind Dead El Ataque de los Muertos Sin Ojos
Return of the Living Dead 1985
Return of the Living Dead 2 1988
Return of the Living Dead 3 1993
Revenge of the Dead 1984
Revenge of the Living Zombies 1988
Revenge of the Zombies 1943
Revolt of the Zombies 1936
Ring of Darkness 2004
Seedpeople 1992
Shaun of the Dead 2004
Shock Waves 1977 Death Corps Almost Human
Slither 2006
Sole Survivor 1984
Steps from Hell 1992
The Stuff 1985
Svengali 1931
Teenage Zombies 1958
They Came Back 2004 Les Revenants
Tomb of the Undead 1972
Tombs of the Blind Dead 1972 The Blind Dead La Noche dell Terror Ciego La Noche de la Muerta Ciega Crypt of the Blind Dead Night of the Blind Dead
Torture Chamber of Baron Blood 1972 Baron Blood Gli Orrori del Castello di Norimberga The Blood Baron Chamber of Tortures The Thirst of Baron Blood
Undead 2005
The Vampire's Ghost 1945
Vengeance of the Zombies 1972
Venom 2005
Virgin among the Living Dead 1971
Voodoo Dawn 1989
Voodoo Woman 1957
The White Zombie 1932
Winterbeast 1992
Zombie 1980 Zombie Flesh-Eaters Island of the Living Dead Zombi 2
The Zombie Army 1993
Zombie High 1987 The School That Ate My Brain
Zombie Honeymoon 2004
Zombie Island Massacre 1984
Zombie Lake 1980 El Lago de los Muertos Vivientes The Lake of the Living Dead
Zombie Nightmare 1986
Zombies of Moratau 1957
Zombies of the Stratosphere 1952 Satan's Satellites
Zombies on Broadway 1944 Loonies on Broadway

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