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Movie in Swashbucklers

Genre List
TitleRelease DateAlternate Titles
Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd 1952
Adventures of Captain Fabian 1951
Adventures of Don Juan 1949 The New Adventures of Don Juan
The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938
Against All Flags 1952
Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves 1954 Ali Baba et les Quarante Voleurs
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves 1943
Anthony Adverse 1936
Arabian Nights 1942
At Sword's Point 1951 Sons of the Musketeers
The Black Pirate 1926 Rage of the Buccaneers The Black Buccaneer Gordon il Pirata Nero
The Black Shield of Falworth 1954
The Black Swan 1942
Blackbeard the Pirate 1952
Blackbeard's Ghost 1967
Bluebeard 1972
The Bold Caballero 1936 The Bold Cavalier
The Buccaneer 1958
Captain Blood 1935
Captain Horatio Hornblower 1951
Captain Kidd 1945
Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter 1974 Kronos Vampire Castle
Captain Ron 1992
Cartouche 1962 Swords of Blood
Casanova 2005
The Challenge 1982
Cheech and Chong's The Corsican Brothers 1984
China Seas 1935
The Conqueror & the Empress 1964 Sandokan alla Riscossa
Corsair 1931
The Corsican Brothers 1942
The Count of Monte Cristo 1912
The Count of Monte Cristo 1934
The Count of Monte Cristo 1974
The Count of Monte Cristo 1999 Le Comte de Monte Cristo
The Count of Monte Cristo 2002
Court Jester 1956
Crimson Pirate 1952
Cutthroat Island 1995
Dancing Pirate 1936
Don Juan DeMarco 1994
Don Q., Son of Zorro 1925
Dr. Syn 1937
Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow 1964
The Elusive Pimpernel 1950 The Fighting Pimpernel
Executioner of Venice 1963
Fanfan la Tulipe 1951 Fanfan the Tulip Fearless Little Soldier
The Fencing Master 1992
The Fifth Musketeer 1979 Behind the Iron Mask
Fighting Marines 1936
The Fighting Prince of Donegal 1966
The Flame & the Arrow 1950
The Four Musketeers 1975 The Revenge of Milady
Frenchman's Creek 1944
Frenchman's Creek 1998
Ghost in the Noonday Sun 1974
Gun Cargo 1949
Gypsy 1975
Hawk of the Wilderness 1938 Lost Island of Kioga
Hell Ship Mutiny 1957
Highlander: The Gathering 1992
His Majesty O'Keefe 1953
Hook 1991
If I Were King 1938
The Iron Mask 1929
The Island 1980
Island Trader 1971
Kidnapped 2005
The King's Guard 2001
The King's Thief 1955
Kojiro 1967
The Lady and the Highwayman 1989
The Lamb 1915
The Legend of Zorro 2005
The Lives of a Bengal Lancer 1935
Long John Silver 1954 Long John Silver Returns to Treasure Island
Magic Island 1995
The Man in the Iron Mask 1939
The Man in the Iron Mask 1977
The Man in the Iron Mask 1997
The Man in the Iron Mask 1998
Marauder 1965
Mark of Zorro 1920
The Mark of Zorro 1940
The Mask of Zorro 1998 Zorro
The Master of Ballantrae 1953
Master of Dragonard Hill 1989
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life 1983
Mooncussers 1962
Moonfleet 1955
Moran of the Lady Letty 1922
Morgan the Pirate 1960 Capitaine Morgan Morgan il Pirata
Muppet Treasure Island 1996
The Musketeer 2001
My Favorite Year 1982 My Favourite Year
My Wicked, Wicked Ways 1984
The Naked Sword of Zorro 1969
Nate and Hayes 1983
Naughty Marietta 1935
New Moon 1940
Old Ironsides 1926
On Guard! 2003 Le Bossu En Garde
The Phantom 1996
The Pirate 1948
Pirate Movie 1982
Pirate Warrior 1964
Pirates 1986
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 2007
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 2003
Pirates of the Coast 1961
The Pirates of Penzance 1983
Pirates of the Seven Seas 1962
The Princess and the Pirate 1944
The Princess Bride 1987
Princess of Thieves 2001
Prisoner of Zenda 1937
Prisoner of Zenda 1952
Prisoner of Zenda 1979
Project A 1983 Jackie Chan's Project A A Gai Waak
Project A: Part 2 1987 Jackie Chan's Project A2
Quest of the Delta Knights 1993
The Return of the Musketeers 1989
Revenge of the Musketeers 1994 D'Artagnan's Daughter La Fille de D'Artagnan
Ring of the Musketeers 1993
Robin Hood 1973
Romola 1925
Royal Flash 1975
Scaramouche 1952
The Scarlet Pimpernel 1934
The Scarlet Pimpernel 1982
The Scarlet Pimpernel 1999
The Scarlet Pimpernel 2: Mademoiselle Guillotine 1999
The Scarlet Pimpernel 3: The Kidnapped King 1999
The Sea Hawk 1940
Sea Hound 1947
The Secret of El Zorro 1957
Shipwrecked 1990 Haakon Haakonsen
The Sign of Zorro 1960
Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger 1977
Sinbad, the Sailor 1947
Son of Ali Baba 1952
Son of Captain Blood 1962 Il Figlio del Capitano Blood
Son of Fury 1942
The Son of Monte Cristo 1940
Son of Zorro 1947
South of Pago Pago 1940
South Seas Massacre 19??
The Spanish Main 1945
The Story of Robin Hood & His Merrie Men 1952 The Story of Robin Hood
Swashbuckler 1976 Scarlet Buccaneer
Swashbuckler 1984 The Scarlet Buccaneer
The Swiss Family Robinson 1960
Sword & the Sorcerer 1982
Sword of Sherwood Forest 1960
The Swordsman 1992
Tharus Son of Attila 1987
Three Amigos 1986
The Three Musketeers 1916 D'Artagnan
The Three Musketeers 1921
The Three Musketeers 1933
The Three Musketeers 1935
The Three Musketeers 1939 The Singing Musketeer
The Three Musketeers 1948
The Three Musketeers 1974
The Three Musketeers 1993
Tiger of the Seven Seas 1962
Treasure Island 1934
Treasure Island 1950
Treasure Island 1972 La Isla Del Tersoro
Treasure Island 1989
Treasure Island 1999
Treasure of the Golden Condor 1953
Treasure of the Moon Goddess 1988
Two Lost Worlds 1950
Under the Red Robe 1936
Wallaby Jim of the Islands 1937
The Warriors 1955 The Dark Avenger
The Wicked Lady 1983
Yellowbeard 1983
Zorro 1974 El Zorro la belva del Colorado El Zorro
Zorro, the Gay Blade 1981

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