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Movie in Space Operas

Genre List
TitleRelease DateAlternate Titles
2001: A Space Odyssey 1968
2001: A Space Travesty 2000
2010: The Year We Make Contact 1984
Alien 1979
Alien Cargo 1999
The Apocalypse 1996
Apollo 13 1995
Assignment Outer Space 1961 Space Men
Battle Beyond the Stars 1980
Battle Beyond the Sun 1963
Battlestar Galactica 1978
The Black Hole 1979
Black Horizon 2001 Stranded On Eagle's Wings Space Station
Buck Rogers Conquers the Universe 1939
Capricorn One 1978
Cat Women of the Moon 1953 Rocket to the Moon
Conquest of Space 1955
Contact 1997
Countdown 1968
Creature 1985 Titan Find
Dark Breed 1996
Dark Side of the Moon 1990
Dark Star 1974
The Day the Sky Exploded 1957 Death From Outer Space La Morte Viene Dalla Spazio Le Danger Vient de l'Escape
Dead Fire 1998
Destination Moon 1950
Destination Moonbase Alpha 1975 Space: 2100
Destination Saturn 1939 Buck Rogers
The Dish 2000
Escape from Mars 1999
Escape from Planet Earth 1967 The Doomsday Machine
Escape Velocity 1999
Event Horizon 1997
Explorers 1985
Fire Maidens from Outer Space 1956
First Encounter 1997
First Men in the Moon 1964
First Spaceship on Venus 1960 Der Schweigende Stern Milczaca Gwiazda
Flight to Mars 1952
Forbidden Planet 1956
From the Earth to the Moon 1958
From the Earth to the Moon 1998
Galaxy of Terror 1981 Mindwarp: An Infinity of Terror Planet of Horrors
Gattaca 1997
The Green Slime 1968 Gamma Sango Uchu Daisakusen Battle Beyond the Stars Death and the Green Slime
Hangar 18 1980 Invasion Force
Have Rocket Will Travel 1959
Heavens Above 1963
Hellraiser 4: Bloodline 1995
Horrors of the Red Planet 1964 The Wizard of Mars
In the Dead of Space 1999
Inseminoid 1980 Horror Planet
John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars 2001 Ghosts of Mars
Journey to the Far Side of the Sun 1969 Doppelganger
Killings at Outpost Zeta 1980
Laser Mission 1990
The Last Starfighter 1984
Lifepod 1980
Lifepod 1993
Lost in Space 1998
Marooned 1969 Space Travellers
Megaforce 1982
Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack 1978
Mission Mars 1967
Mission to Mars 2000
Mom and Dad Save the World 1992
Moon 44 1990
Moonraker 1979
Moontrap 1989
The Mouse on the Moon 1962
Murder in Space 1985
Mutant on the Bounty 1989
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie 1996
Nude on the Moon 1961
Outland 1981
Planet Burg 1962
Planet of the Apes 1968
Planet of the Apes 2001
Planet of the Dinosaurs 1980
Planet of the Vampires 1965 The Demon Planet The Haunted Planet The Outlawed Planet Planet of Blood Planet of Terror Planet of the Damned Space Mutants Terror in Space Terrore nello Spazio Terreur dans l'Espace
Precious Find 1996
Project Moon Base 1953
PSI Factor 1980
Race to Space 2001
Red Planet 2000
The Reluctant Astronaut 1967
Return of the Jedi 1983 Star Wars: Episode 6--Return of the Jedi
Return to Earth 1976
The Right Stuff 1983
Robinson Crusoe on Mars 1964
RocketMan 1997 Rocket Man
Rocketship X-M 1950 Expedition Moon
Serenity 2005
Silent Running 1971
Solar Crisis 1992
Solaris 1972 Solyaris
Solaris 2002
Space Cowboys 2000
Space Mutiny 1988
Space Rage 1986 Trackers
Space Raiders 1983 Star Child
Spaceballs 1987
SpaceCamp 1986
Spacejacked 1998
Star Crash 1978 Stella Star
Star Crash 1978 Stella Star
Star Slammer 1987
Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan 1982
Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock 1984
Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home 1986
Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier 1989
Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country 1991
Star Trek: First Contact 1996
Star Trek: Generations 1994
Star Trek: Insurrection 1998
Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1980
Star Trek: Nemesis 2002
Star Wars 1977 Star Wars: Episode 4--A New Hope
Star Wars: Episode 2--Attack of the Clones 2002
Star Wars: Episode 3--Revenge of the Sith 2005
Starship 1987 Lorca and the Outlaws
Supernova 1999
Tales from a Parallel Universe: Eating Pattern 1997 Eating Pattern
Tales from a Parallel Universe: Giga Shadow 1997 Giga Shadow
The Terrornauts 1967
Three Stooges in Orbit 1962
Titan A.E. 2000
Transformations 1988
Trapped in Space 1994
Treasure Planet 2002
Vegas in Space 1994
Velocity Trap 1999
Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women 1968 Gill Woman Gill Women of Venus
Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet 1965 Voyage to a Prehistoric Planet
Walking on Air 1987
Warlords of the 21st Century 1982 Battletruck
Wing Commander 1999
Woman in the Moon 1929 By Rocket to the Moon Girl in the Moon
Women of the Prehistoric Planet 1966

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