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Movie in Russia/USSR

Genre List
TitleRelease DateAlternate Titles
100 Days Before the Command 1990 Sto Dnej Do Pri Kaza
2 Brothers & a Bride 2003 A Foreign Affair
A Different Loyalty 2004
A Slave of Love 1978
American Cop 1994
Anastasia 1956
Anastasia 1997
Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna 1986
Anna 1993 Anna: From Six Till Eighteen Anna: Ot Shesti do Vosemnadtsati
Archangel 2005
The Ascent 1976 Voskhozhdeniye
Assassination of Trotsky 1972
Back in the USSR 1992
Balalaika 1939
Ballet Russes 2005
Baltic Deputy 1937
The Battleship Potemkin 1925 Potemkin Bronenosets Potemkin
Beyond Borders 2003
BloodRayne 2006
The Bourne Supremacy 2004
The Brothers Karamazov 1958 Karamazov The Murderer Dmitri Karamazov Der Morder Dimitri Karamasoff
Burglar 1987 Vzlomschik
Burnt by the Sun 1994 Outomlionnye Solntsem
Children of the Revolution 1995
Citizen X 1995
Come and See 1985 Idi i Smotri Go and See
Coming Out of the Ice 1982
The Commies Are Coming, the Commies Are Coming 1957 Red Nightmare
Commissar 1968 Komissar
Comrade X 1940
Creation of Adam 1993
Crimson Tide 1995
Days of Glory 1943
The Deal 2005
The Death of Mr. Lazarescu 2005 Moartea Domnului Lazarescu
Dersu Uzala 1975
Doctor Zhivago 1965
Doctor Zhivago 2003
Don't Drink the Water 1969
Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment 1999 Crime and Punishment
Drums of Jeopardy 1931 Mark of Terror
The Eagle 1925
East-West 1999 Est-Ouest
The End of St. Petersburg 1927
Enemy at the Gates 2000
The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the 1924
Final Assignment 1980 The Moscow Chronicle
Final Warning 1990 Chernobyl: The Final Warning
First Strike 1985
The Fixer 1968
Frederick Forsyth's Icon 2005
Freeze-Die-Come to Life 1990 Zamri Oumi Voskresni
The Gambler 1997
The Girl from Petrovka 1974
Goldeneye 1995
Gorky Park 1983
Gulag 1985
House of Fools 2002 Dom Durakov
The Hunt for Red October 1990
I Killed Rasputin 1967
The Ice Runner 1993
In Hell 2003 The Savage
The Inner Circle 1991
The Ister 2004
The Italian 2005 Italianetz
Ivan the Terrible, Part 1 1944 Ivan Groznyi
Ivan the Terrible, Part 2 1946 Ivan the Terrible, Part 2: The Boyars' Plot Ivan Groznyi 2
The Jackal 1997
K-19: The Widowmaker 2002
Kindergarten 1984
Laser Mission 1990
Last Command 1928
The Light Ahead 1939
Little Vera 1988 Malenkaya Vera
Love and Death 1975
The Man with the Movie Camera 1929 Chelovek s Kinoapparatom
The Mirror 1975 Zerkalo A White White Boy
Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears 1980 Moscow Distrusts Tears Moskwa Sljesam Nje Jerit
Mother 1926
Mother and Son 1997 Mat i Syn Mutter und Sohn
Mute Witness 1995
My Family Treasure 1993
My Name Is Ivan 1962 Ivan's Childhood The Youngest Spy
Never Let Me Go 1953
Nicholas and Alexandra 1971
Night Watch 2004 Nochnoi Dozor
Nostalghia 1983
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich 1971
One Russian Summer 1973
The Peacemaker 1997
Peter the Great 1986
The Possessed 1988 Les Possedes
Prisoner of the Mountains 1996 Kavkazsky Plennik Prisoner of the Caucasus
Rasputin 1985 Agoniya
Rasputin and the Empress 1933 Rasputin: The Mad Monk
Rasputin the Mad Monk 1966
The Red and the White 1968 Csillagosok, Katonak
Red Cherry 1995 Hong Ying Tao
Red Heat 1988
Red Hot 1995
Reds 1981
The Road to Life 1931 Putyovka V Zhizn
The Russia House 1990
Russian Dolls 2005 Les Poupees Russes
Russian Roulette 1993
The Saint 1997
Sakharov 1984
Scarlet Dawn 1932
Scarlet Empress 1934
Schizo 2004 Shiza
The Seagull 1971
Siberiade 1979
Sideburns 1991
Since Otar Left. . . 2003 Depuis Qu'Otar est Parti
Solo Voyage: The Revenge 1990
Stalin 1992
Stalingrad 1994
Taxi Blues 1990
Terminal Velocity 1994
Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey 1995
The Thief 1997 Vor
Three Legionnaires 1937 Three Crazy Legionnaires
The Three Sisters 1965
Torrents of Spring 1990
The Truce 1996 La Tregua
The Ultimate Imposter 1979
War and Peace 1956
War and Peace 1968
War and Peace 1973
We the Living 1942
White Nights 1985
Window to Paris 1995
The Winter War 1989 Talvisota
World War III 1986
Young Catherine 1991

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