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Movie in Gender Bending

Genre List
TitleRelease DateAlternate Titles
Abroad with Two Yanks 1944
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert 1994
The Adventures of Sebastian Cole 1999
All About My Mother 1999 Todo Sobre Mi Madre
All the Queen's Men 2002
Angel 1982 Angelos
Anything for Love 1993 Just One of the Girls
At War with the Army 1950
Auntie 1980
The Badge 2002
The Ballad of Little Jo 1993
Better Than Chocolate 1999
Blue Murder at St. Trinian's 1956
Boy! What a Girl 1945
Connie and Carla 2004
The Crying Game 1992
The Damned 1969
Desperate Living 1977
Different for Girls 1996
Divine 1990
Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde 1995
Dressed to Kill 1980
Ed Wood 1994
First a Girl 1935
Flawless 1999
Forever Mary 1989 Mery per Sempre
Gaudi Afternoon 2001
Glen or Glenda? 1953 He or She I Changed My Sex I Led Two Lives The Transvestite Glen or Glenda: The Confessions of Ed Wood
Hairspray 1988
Happily Ever After 1986 Alem Da Paixao
He's My Girl 1987
Hedwig and the Angry Inch 2000
Her Life as a Man 1983
Holiday Heart 2000
I Like It Like That 1994
I Shot Andy Warhol 1996
I Wanna Be a Beauty Queen 1985
I Want What I Want 1972
I Was a Male War Bride 1949
In a Year of 13 Moons 1978 In a Year with 13 Moons In Einem Jahr Mit 13 Monden
It's Pat: The Movie 1994
Just Like a Woman 1995
Just One of the Girls 1993
Just One of the Guys 1985
Kinky Boots 2006
La Cage aux Folles 1978 Birds of a Feather
La Cage aux Folles 2 1981
La Cage aux Folles 3: The Wedding 1986
Law of Desire 1986 La Ley del Deseo
Le Sexe des Etoiles 1993 The Sex of the Stars
Lilies 1996 Les Feluettes
Lola and Billy the Kid 1998 Lola + Bilikid
Lust in the Dust 1985
M. Butterfly 1993
Ma Vie en Rose 1997 My Life in Pink
Madame Sata 2002
Mascara 1987
The Merchant of Venice 2004 William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice
Mixed Nuts 1994 Lifesavers
Mob Queen 1998
Mr. Headmistress 1998
Mrs. Doubtfire 1993
Mutant on the Bounty 1989
My Son, the Vampire 1952 Old Mother Riley Meets the Vampire The Vampire and the Robot Vampire Over London Mother Riley Meets the Vampire
Myra Breckinridge 1970
The Mystery of Alexina 1986 Mystere Alexina
The Newlydeads 1987
Nobody's Perfect 1990
Normal 2003
Nowhere 1996
Nuns on the Run 1990
Old Mother Riley's Ghosts 1941
Outrageous! 1977
Paris Is Burning 1991
Pink Flamingos 1972
Polyester 1981
Psycho 1960
The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975
Shadey 1987
She's the Man 2006
The Silence of the Lambs 1991
Skin Deep 1994
So This Is Africa 1933
Soldier's Girl 2003
Some Like It Hot 1959
Sonny Boy 1987
Sorority Boys 2002
Stonewall 1995
Surrender Dorothy 1998
Switch 1991
Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train 1998 Ceux Qui M'Aiment Predront le Train
Tipping the Velvet 2002
To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar 1995
Tootsie 1982
Torch Song Trilogy 1988
Transamerica 2005
Transfixed 2001 Bad Genres Mauvais Genres
Trash 1970
Twelfth Night 1996
Twisted 1996
Unveiled 2005 Fremde Haut Foreign Skin
Vegas in Space 1994
Velvet Goldmine 1998
Victor/Victoria 1982
Water Drops on Burning Rocks 1999 Gouttes d'Eau sur Pierres Brulantes
The Wedding Singer 1997
White Chicks 2004
Wigstock: The Movie 1995
The Woman Inside 1983
Woman on Top 2000
The World According to Garp 1982
The Year of Living Dangerously 1982
Yentl 1983
Zatoichi 2003 The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi
Zazie dans le Metro 1961 Zazie in the Underground Zazie in the Subway

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