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Movie in Documentary

Genre List
TitleRelease DateAlternate Titles
20 Dates 1999
39 Pounds of Love 2005
A Brief History of Time 1992
A Decade Under the Influence 2002
Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer 2003
America's Heart and Soul 2004
American Fabulous 1992
American Movie 1999
An Inconvenient Truth 2006
An Unreasonable Man 2006
Anna 1993 Anna: From Six Till Eighteen Anna: Ot Shesti do Vosemnadtsati
The Aristocrats 2005
Assassination of Trotsky 1972
The Atomic Cafe 1982
Awesome! I F***in' Shot That! 2006
Ballet Russes 2005
Behind the Planet of the Apes 1998
The Big One 1998
Born Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids 2004
Born to Boogie 1972 Marc Bolan and T-Rrex: Born to Boogie
Bowling for Columbine 2002
The Boys of 2nd Street Park 2003
Brother's Keeper 1992
Bruce Lee: Curse of the Dragon 1993 The Curse of the Dragon
Buena Vista Social Club 1999
Burden of Dreams 1982
Bush's Brain 2004
Capturing the Friedmans 2003
The Celluloid Closet 1995
The Children of Theatre Street 1977
Chuck Berry: Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll 1987
Ciao Federico! Fellini Directs Satyricon 1969
The Clowns 1971
Control Room 2004
Crumb 1994
Dance Hall Racket 1958
Darwin's Nightmare 2004
Dave Chappelle's Block Party 2006
December 7th: The Movie 1991
Decline of Western Civilization 1 1981
Decline of Western Civilization 2: The Metal Years 1988
Deep Blue 2003
Derby 1971
The Devil and Daniel Johnston 2005
DIG! 2004
Dust to Glory 2005
Ebony Dreams 1980
Elvis in Hollywood 1993
Encounter with the Unknown 1975
End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones 2003
The Endless Summer 1966
The Endless Summer 2 1994 Bruce Brown's The Endless Summer 2 Bruce Brown's The Endless Summer Revisited
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room 2005
Fade to Black 2004
Fahrenheit 9/11 2004
Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson 1993
Fast, Cheap & Out of Control 1997
Fellini: I'm a Born Liar 2003 Fellini: Je suis un grand menteur Federico Fellini: Sono un gran bugiardo Fellini: Sono un gran bugiardo
Festival Express 2003
The Filth and the Fury 1999
First Descent 2005
The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara 2003
Full Tilt Boogie 1997
Germany in Autumn 1978 Deutschland im Herbst
Giuliani Time 2005
Go Further 2003
God Grew Tired of Us: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan 2006
The Goebbels Experiment 2005
Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry 2004
Gray's Anatomy 1996
Grizzly Man 2005
Guilty of Treason 1950
Gunner Palace 2004
Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream 1995
Harlan County, U.S.A. 1976
Haxan: Witchcraft through the Ages 1922 Haxan Witchcraft through the Ages
The Heart of the Game 2005
Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse 1991
Heavy Petting 1989
Hell's Angels Forever 1983
The Hellstrom Chronicle 1971
Henri Langlois: The Phantom of the Cinematheque 2004 Le Fantome D'henri Langlois
Hide and Seek 1980
Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear and the Selling of America 2004
Hoop Dreams 1994
How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (and Enjoy It) 2005
Hugh Hefner: Once Upon a Time 1992
The Hunting of the President 2004
I Wanna Be a Beauty Queen 1985
In the Pit 2006 En el Hoyo
Incident at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story 1992
Inside Deep Throat 2005
The Ister 2004
It Happened in the Park 1956
It's All True 1993
The JFK Conspiracy 1991
Journeys with George 2002
The Kid Stays in the Picture 2002
Kidco 1983
The Last Waltz 1978
LBJ: A Biography 1991
Le Joli Mai 1962
League of Ordinary Gentlemen 2004
The Leopard Son 1996
Let It Be 1970
Let's Get Lost 1988
The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg 1999
Lighting in a Bottle 2004
Long Shadows 1986
Lost in La Mancha 2003
Louisiana Story 1948
The Love Goddesses 1965
Love Meetings 1964 Comizi d'Amore
Mad Hot Ballroom 2005
Malcolm X: Make It Plain 1995
Man in the Silk Hat 1983
Man of Aran 1934
The Man with the Movie Camera 1929 Chelovek s Kinoapparatom
Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes 1986
March of the Penguins 2005
Marjoe 1972
Mayor of the Sunset Strip 2003
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster 2004
Microcosmos 1996
Moana, a Romance of the Golden Age 1926
Mondo Cane 1963 A Dog's Life
Mondo Cane 2 1964 Mondo Pazzo Mondo Insanity Crazy World Insane World
Mondovino 2004
Moon over Broadway 1998
Murderball 2005
My Architect: A Son's Journey 2003
My Date With Drew 2005
Neil Young: Heart of Gold 2006
New York Doll 2005
Nico Icon 1995
Night of the Living Dead, 25th Anniversary Documentary 1993
Occupation: Dreamland 2005
Only the Strong Survive 2003
Orwell Rolls in His Grave 2003
Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism 2004
Overnight 2003
Paper Clips 2004
Paris Is Burning 1991
Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land 2004
Prelude to War 1942
Prisoner of Paradise 2002
Protocols of Zion 2005
The Real Dirt on Farmer John 2006
Reel Paradise 2005
Riding Giants 2004
Rize 2005
Rock Hudson's Home Movies 1992
Rock School 2005
Roger & Me 1989
S21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine 2003 S21: La Machine De Mort Khmere Rouge S21: The Khmer Rouge Death Machine
Sasquatch 1976
Sex and Buttered Popcorn 1991
Shake Hands With the Devil: The Journey of Romeo Dallaire 2004
Sherman's March 1986
The Show 1995
Soft and Hard 1985
The Sorrow and the Pity 1971
Spellbound 2002
Standing in the Shadows of Motown 2002
Step Into Liquid 2003
Stolen Childhoods 2005
Stone Reader 2002
The Story of the Weeping Camel 2003 Die Geschichte vom Weinenden Kamel
Streetwise 1984
Stripper 1986
Super Size Me 2004
Superstar: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol 1990
Swimming to Cambodia 1987
Tarnation 2003
Tell Them Who You Are 2005
Thank You & Good Night 1991
Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey 1995
The Thin Blue Line 1988
This Film Is Not Yet Rated 2006
Through the Fire 2005
Tokyo Olympiad 1966
Tokyo-Ga 1985
Touching the Void 2003
Triumph of the Will 1934 Triumph des Willens
The Troubles We've Seen 1994 Veillees d'armes
Truth or Dare 1991 In Bed with Madonna Madonna Truth or Dare
The U.S. Vs. John Lennon 2006
Uncovered: The War on Iraq 2004
Unknown White Male 2005
The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till 2005
Unzipped 1994
Up for Grabs 2005
Verdict on Auschwitz: The Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial 1963--1965 1993 Strafsache 4 Ks 2/63: Auschwitz Vor Dem Frankfurte
Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography 1993
Voices of Iraq 2004
Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price 2005
Wall 2004 Mur
War in the Sky 1982
The War Room 1993
When We Were Kings 1996
The White Diamond 2004
Who Killed the Electric Car? 2006
Wigstock: The Movie 1995
The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill 2003
Winged Migration 2001 Le Peuple Migrateur Traveling Birds
Wisecracks 1993
Word Wars: Tiles and Tribulations on the Scrabble Circuit 2004
Wordplay 2006
Year of the Horse 1997
The Yes Men 2003

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